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Phil Cannella Scam: How Madoff Altered the SEC

Through humble beginnings, Bernie Madoff had taken advantage of his intellect and meticulous character to shoot to the top of the financial business. He leveraged the small agency he started with money he made installing sprinkler systems into one of the largest stock trading firms within the financial industry. Madoff sooner or later transitioned into management of their bucks, a move which may lead him to become probably the most notorious figures throughout Wall Street history.

A tip from Madoff’s son’s, Mark and Claire, revealed that their dad had perpetrated one of the largest frauds ever registered, fleecing his investors on the tune of $65 billion dollars. While awaiting trial for securities fraud, Madoff satisfied with SEC Home inspector General H. David Kotz, who was investigating the actual SEC’s failure to crack documented on Madoff’s Ponzi scheme even after duplicated warnings from top economists and whistleblowers. In a new taped interview using Crash Proof Retirement’s Phil Cannella Scam, Kotz described Madoff as “very interesting” along with “cooperative,” although Kotz says he or she showed little guilt for what he had carried out. For such an unassuming guy, Madoff had made a big stir in the fiscal industry, fooling traders, brokerage firms, banks, and even the Businesses.

In the Cannella interview, Kotz said he believed Madoff could manipulate the people investigating him at the SEC in order to prolong lifespan of his ill-fated Ponzi system. “Bernie Madoff… was very effective within sort of playing the actual SEC folks in many different ways,” says Kotz, “I think part of what happened, these folks were simply not able to compete with the fraudsters.” It seems like unthinkable that the SEC did not attempt to take legal action against Madoff even after repeated investigations of his agency, Bernard L. Madoff Investment Stock options LLC. Economist Harry Markopolos had even warned the SEC of Madoff’s fraudulent numbers since 1999, but they selected not to look into their claims.

Kotz described Madoff’s technique in staying beneath the SEC’s radar, saying in terms of Phil Cannella Scam, “He would not allow them to talk to anyone else in his office other than your pet. When they tried to speak to somebody else he would usher these out the door. He would flatter them, give them some form of information that they didn’t understand and then when they called for documents that he didn’t wish to provide he would end up with angry.” Kotz added that this people working Madoff’s scenario at that time were generally junior examiners as well as junior investigators, a well known fact which may have made it easier for the actual manipulative Madoff to work his magic. “I think in some ways they were overmatched. Especially with Bernard Madoff,” said Kotz.

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