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Crocs almost everywhere

If you live in a region where it starts to get cold, I bring you the latest fashion to keep your own legs warm.

Leggings may not be pants anything but tremendous glued (type fashional pantyhose, however is not as transparent) made from your blend of lycra, 100 % cotton and polyester, and you can also find wool.

The leggings were very famous inside 80 and returned using a furor in various colorings and designs, not limited to warmth but also to provide more life to your outfit therefore to their bright colors. In addition you could feel warmer than just a pair of socks and definitely more comfortable than a pair of pantyhose.

They are very useful when you wish to go to your gym, however, if you wish to be fashionable in the coming winter, combine your leggings with stylish limited skirts and sweaters or even shirts, slippers or boots and shoes ballerina type, I guarantee you have to talk.

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